Britney Spears Is Back

Britney Spears
Britney Spears

Several media publications have stated that Britney Spears has quietly been recording a song with singer Elton John, which would serve as her formal comeback to the music industry after an absence of six years. Together, they’ve been working on new versions of his old songs in a recording studio in Beverly Hills.

“Britney loves Elton and he came up with this concept. In a complete duet arrangement, they have produced a new version of “Tiny Dancer,” and it is fantastic “Page Six quotes a source from the music business. The uber-producer Andrew Watt oversaw Britney and Elton’s super-secret recording session in Beverly Hills last week.

This Is Britney Spears’ First Single After 2016

Following 2016’s “Slumber Party,” this will be Britney Spears‘ first proper single release in over two years.

Some professionals in the field have heard the latest version of the music, even though it hasn’t been officially released to the public.

“They’ve already performed it for their label, and the reactions have been overwhelming. It’s fantastic, “a Page Six insider said. “They predict this will be the most played tune this summer. Britney has returned in full force. This is her first day back in the office, and she couldn’t be more thrilled.”

TMZ said that the Britney-Elton collaborative effort would drop in about a month.

Less than two weeks have passed since the pop artist shared a short video of herself performing a vulgar rendition of her 1998 song, “…Baby One More Time,” before the announcement of the “Tiny Dancer” remake.

I haven’t spoken out in a very long time… maybe too long,” she said.