Gavin Newsom And Ron DeSantis Ramp Up Their Feud

Gavin Newsom

After Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said that he did not want Golden State businesses moving to Florida as they would bring liberal voters with them, the war between him and California Governor Gavin Newsom reached a flash point. Both leaders are stars in their respective parties and have reached national prominence thanks to their wildly varied approaches to education, pandemic precautions, and overall philosophies in governance.

Earlier Gavin Newsom had criticized him over Twitter for going after Disney for opposing laws banning discussion of sexual orientation among students. DeSantis tried to strip Disney of its special governing status that gives it a semi-autonomous role in the park.

Gavin Newsom Vows To Turn DeSantis Into A ‘One Term Governor’

Gavin Newsom tore in DeSantis saying that he was punishing businesses for daring to speak out against him. It is not the first time that Gavin Newsom has directly gone after Republican politicians. Earlier he indulged in a running feud with then-president Donald Trump over his handling of the wildfires that raged throughout California.

DeSantis in turn has frequently attacked the law and order situation in San Francisco. Gavin Newsom has challenged his counterpart some 2,500 miles away on the east coast to a debate. He charged DeSantis with playing politics with the lives of people and all he sought was some attention.

Newsom’s challenge at DeSantis for a debate is the latest in his direct fight with the Florida Governor. The leading contender to succeed Joe Biden and a rising star in the Democratic Party donated a six-figure sum to DeSantis’s Democratic opponent, Charlie Crist, and wrote that it was time to make DeSantis a one-term Governor. He appealed to Floridians to join him in helping Crist become the next Governor of the Sunshine State.  his donation pits him directly against DeSantis, who continues to grow as a leading figure in the GOP.

Gavin Newsom also spent $100,000 in airtime on Fox News to disparage DeSantis for banning books and his strict imposition of abortion regulations.

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