Britney Spears Mom’s Legal Fees $650,000: Lynne Demands Conservatorship Fees And Gets Slammed By The Singer

Britney Spears
Britney Spears

The dispute over guardianship of singer Britney Spears took a new turn when her mother placed a legal bill of $650,000 to be paid from the singer’s assets. The court documents were filed in Los Angeles on Monday.

In her petition, Lynne requested payment by Britney’s estate for her attorneys’ involvement in the conservatorship case. In a post since deleted on Instagram, Britney Spears had slammed her mom.

Britney Spears Allege That Her Mom Gave Her Father The Idea Of Placing Her In Conservatorship

Britney Spears wrote that her father initiated the conservatorship years ago. But it was her mother who had given her father the idea. She regretted that she would never get back those years. She added that her mother had ruined her life secretly.

 Britney Spears attacked both Lou Taylor, her ex-manger, and her mother in her post. She said that they had every knowledge of what had happened to her. Trying to absolve themselves from the blame was futile. They knew exactly what they did, she alleged.

On Monday, Lynne’s attorneys maintained in court that the singer’s mother had contacted them to free Britney Spears from her ‘controlled’ existence.

The advocates further stated that they had engaged in exploring and reaching out to experts for treating Britney Spears in 2019. They also said that they had advocated for her father, Jamie’s to withdraw his conservatorship.

They contended that Lynne had only joined the conservatorship only after consultation with Britney. They maintained that she had agreed wholeheartedly to her mother’s suggestion to help end the nightmare she was facing.

The total fees claimed by Jones Swanson come to $840,000. The attorneys said they were willing to offer a discount of 40% and asked for $504,000. The fees of Ginzburg & Bronshteyn stood at $146,548.

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