Britney Spears Looks Forward To A “Year Of Healing” On Her Birthday, Says She Will Take More Control Of Her Life

Britney Spears
Britney Spears

Britney Spears, the popular American singer and songwriter just turned 39 this Wednesday. The princess of pop shared some cute pictures of herself with her longtime boyfriend Sam Asghari on her birthday with captions that tell us the popstar was pretty excited to celebrate this day.

Britney Spears chose a white polka dotted crop top for her birthday post. Along with that, she adorned a big smile while posing with her boyfriend, Sam. The popstar posted one shot with the caption, “Happy Birthday to me…” followed by a ton of emojis that express her excitement for the occasion. She also posted another photo where Sam is giving her a peck on the cheek.

Britney Spears Tries To Be Positive Amid Legal Battle With Her Father

The singer looked happy after a year full of legal battles. Sources mention that Britney Spears had a rough 2020 regarding her conservatorship. She mentions in a statement that she is grateful for all that her father had done for her in the past but now she feels that she is ready to take more control of her life. As she turns 39, she feels that she is set to take control of her healthcare and finances. Moreover, she suggests that the upcoming year, 2021 will be a time of healing for her.

Britney is continuing a legal battle with Jamie Spears, her father over the issue of conservatorship. An inside source mentions that she is having a hard time dealing with all the struggle but she is trying hard to keep a positive outlook amid these legal tensions.

Spears is focusing on improving herself and her state of mind and thinks that the next year will get her to a better position. The source further mentioned that she spends a lot of time in the gym, exercising that has helped her thrive emotionally. The popstar also took a trip with Sam to Hawaii just before her birthday that helped her, the source said. 

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