Britney Spears Struggle With Mom Duty

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Perhaps this Mother’s Day was indeed a hard and harsh one for pop singer Britney Spears. Her teenage sons aren’t in contact with her at the moment. No contact period is a lot to take in. She talked to them before getting married to Sam Asghari last year. She has two sons one is 17 years old and another one is 16. They haven’t replied to their mom’s text. Since last year they haven’t been talking that much. It has greatly affected Britney on an emotional level. Haters say she is continuously feuding with people perhaps she had fought with her sons as well.

Britney Spears Was Biased To Her Boys

Sean Preston and Jayden James are two teenage boys of Britney Spears. The younger one felt her mother didn’t love them equally. She was biased. Preston being the elder didn’t get much attention and love she deserves. So if they are distant it is what she deserves. Jayden publicly fought with Mom Britney Spears.

They have seen each other last at the beginning of 2022. After that, she got married to Sam Asghari. This no-contact period is bothering Britney and she is furious. Netizens have said Britney Spears failed as a daughter a wife and a mother. Jayden and Preston’s father and Britney Spears’s ex-husband Kevin Federline have expressed their concerns over matters.

He has tried his best to talk to the boys. And gave a proper and plausible explanation as to them why she posts such photos on social media. Teenage boys don’t seem to like their mothers posting nude bodies online. They might have gotten bullied for that. Or even the slightest criticism could hurt them. They are high school kids and these things affect them terribly. According to their father, it’s quite evident being a celebrity doesn’t matter to them. It’s their mom after all.