Brittany Murphy Secrets Revealed

Brittany Murphy
Brittany Murphy

Brittany Murphy was a well-known American actress. She had multiple talents apart from her acting prowess. One of her main qualities included her incredible ability to sing. Fans and followers drooled over her voice. She made quite a name for herself in the singing circuit as well. She was born on the 10th of November 1977.

 Murphy has some incredible hits under her belt. Her most mentionable projects include “Clueless”, “Freeway”, “Bongwater”. Murphy made her first on-stage appearance in the year 1997. She featured in “A View From The Bridge”, which was directed by Arthur Miller. 

Unfortunately, the promising actress’ marvelous career stopped abruptly. Brittany Murphy died at a very young age of thirty-two. She was reported to be suffering from pneumonia. 

Brittany Murphy Documentary Enlightens On Her Last Days

The film industry went into an absolute shock when they received the news. The death of Murphy left all the fans and co-workers dumbfounded. However, many conspiracy theories have surfaced since 2009. People have speculated on multiple possibilities. Despite everything, the actor’s death has been surrounded by a blanket of mystery. 

A new documentary portraying the life of Brittany Murphy has been recorded by HBO. The production will be available to the public on HBO Max. The documentary will supposedly reveal a little more about the life and death of the actress. The documentary stresses a lot more focus on Murphy’s husband Simon Monjack.

 Monjack has been accused of being a conman by his previous fiancee, Elizabeth Ragsdale. She accused Monjack of abandoning her while she was pregnant. Ragsdale also said that Brittany Murphy was the latest addition to Monjack’s trap. Monjack however died soon after the demise of Murphy. The documentary is expected to be aired on 14th October.