Giants Looking For Replacement

New York Giants
New York Giants

Giants are currently facing a crisis with their team. The mainstay of their team will be unavailable for an indefinite period. Brandon Belt is one of the most decorated basemen in recent times. The team depends heavily upon him to deliver quality performance. He has been outstanding so far for the Giants. 

Brandon has led the team to victory on multiple occasions. However, the athlete seems to be going through a rough patch recently. Belt has suffered a terrible injury. He has broken his thumb which will take quite a while to heal. This leaves a big hole in the team. The team is now desperately looking for replacements. 

However, everything does not seem much gloomy for the team. The reserve bench boasts of some significant options that can fill up the gap. Let us take a look at the possible options below. 

Giants: Brandon Belt Out Of Action

The impact of Belt is huge on the team. He is in the lead for the team in terms of home runs. Brandon has scored twenty-nine of them so far. With such a player missing from the ranks, the team would definitely like to opt for a fitting replacement. The bench strength of the team will allow the Giants just what is required. 

The Friday encounter of the team will most likely feature a new baseman. Lamonte Wade Jr, Wilmer Flores, or Darin Ruf. Either one of these players will replace Brandon at the first base. The team is very much hopeful for a great performance from them. 

Brandon has expressed his happiness. He said that he felt proud of how much strong the Giants are. Belt stated that when one goes down, another one should rise to the challenge. He was ecstatic to be a part of such a fantastic unit.