Federal Workforce Vaccination Mandate Sees 95% Compliance

Federal Workforce Vaccination Mandate
Federal Workforce Vaccination Mandate

Last Monday saw the White House announce that almost 95% of the federal workforce was in compliance with the Federal Workforce Vaccination Mandate. Jeff Zients, the Coronavirus Response Coordinator for the White House, mentioned that before the deadline, the federal government had already achieved a compliance rating of 95%, and around 90% of the 3.5 million federal workers were already vaccinated.

This was mentioned in a press briefing, where he further stated that the government was able to successfully implement the requirements for the vaccination program for the largest workforce in the country with federal employees. 

Federal Workforce Vaccination Mandate sees Massive Compliance

CNN also recently reported that over 90% of the workforce had already received at least a single shot, with the rest 5% having submitted their exemption applications from the Federal Workforce Vaccination Mandate that were currently under review- as mentioned by a senior official in the federal administration. Close to 90% of the total employees have already received a single dose of the vaccine, with the vast majority having received both shots. 

Zients further stated that the main aim of the Federal Workforce Vaccination Mandate was to protect the employees, and not punish them- which implies that the deadline for tonight wouldn’t mean immediate danger. The administration would look towards getting more and more federal employees receiving the vaccines. Also, for the percentage that looked towards exemption, most agencies were already looking towards the counseling process. 

One of the sources familiar with the data surrounding the Federal Workforce Vaccination Mandate recently informed CNN that the percentage of compliance certainly exceeded the expectations of the administration.