Kieran Culkin Mourns Sister’s Demise

Kieran Culkin
Kieran Culkin

Kieran Culkin is a renowned American actor. He is known for his fantastic presence of mind and sharp expressions. Culkin is the brother of Rory & Macaulay Culkin. Culkin was born on the 30th of September 1982. He was very much passionate about acting. 

He wanted to pursue a ting as progression right from his childhood. Thus, Culkin started acting when he was still a child. His first movie was ” Father Of The Bride”. Kieran Culkin has acted in a number of movies since then. Some of his most famous movies are “The Mighty”, ” The Cider House Rules”, “Igby Goes Down”.  

Culkin received the nomination at the prestigious Golden Globe. He also won the Critics Choice and the

Satellite Award. Culkin also had a sister, Dakota Culkin. She shockingly died at the age of twenty-nine. Let us find out more about the incident below. 

Kieran Culkin Reflects On Traumatic Death Of Sister

When the news reached the family, they were in a state of shock. In the year 2008, Dakota Culkin died after being hit by a car. The incident took place in the southern part of California. While remembering the tragic incident, Kieran became emotional. He stated that it was the most traumatizing incident to have happened. 

The actor stated that no amount of consoling can heal the wound. He said that whole of his family was shaken by the incident. He could not believe the fact that his sister has left him thirteen years ago. Speaking about the tragedy, Kieran Culkin said it had a devastating impact on the family. 

Kieran Culkin described how he frequently broke down at the thought of his sister. He stated that Dakota kept coming back in the memories. Her memories made Kieran happy but the fact she is no more leaves him broken each time.