James Harden Returns With A Bang And Leads The Brooklyn Nets To Be Favored For The NBA Title

Brooklyn Nets
Brooklyn Nets

James Harden has left behind his initial season hiccups and has salvaged himself by regaining his MVP status. The Brooklyn Nets are being considered to be the top contenders for the prestigious NBA title.

All summer, Harden spent his time recovering his hamstring injury instead of devoting time to play pickups. He had to adapt to a new team and new regulations. He struggled and his average for the Brooklyn Nets was nothing impressive.

Hoards of articles about how Harden’s career would never bounce back and that this was the end were published. The average of his last 8 matches, which were interrupted because of him being diagnosed with COVID-19, was pretty impressive. He took it a step further in last weekend’s game.

Brooklyn Nets’ MVP James did not exhibit any symptoms during his time off because of COVID-19. He was able to push himself and put in additional time for cardio during self-isolation. After his quarantine period was over, he looked rejuvenated and ruled the court while playing against the Clippers and the Lakers.

The 32-year-old stated that he just wants to win and make it easier for his team to score. He constantly works on himself and tries to find out new ways to win and influence a game.

Brooklyn Nets’ MVP Pushed Through And Regained His Footing

Harden shared that it is not that surprising when you put in the work and gear up for greatness. He admitted that he found himself out of sorts after recovering from his injury and missing the opportunity to play pickups. 

As he was finding his footing in the season he tested positive for COVID-19. Harden was asymptomatic so he worked out, pushing himself further. Lastly, he said that at the end of the day it is a game of basketball and he’s been playing at a competitive level for a long time.