New England Patriots Finding Their Consistency Back While Attacking: Can See Themselves Through The Playoff

New England Patriots

New England Patriots are moving forward as the players putting in a collective effort as a team to get two consecutive victories. However, the offense moving backwards.

The forward line of the New England Patriots are degrading at an alarming rate and they need to do something about it ASAP if they want to go through to the playoffs.

Considering the offense of the Patriots already have a vast number of non-kneel-down players in their victory last weekend over the Colts, 26-3 wasn’t impressive according to many. Their last win over the NY Jets has also only seen 14 on the offense.

So adding up, at least 24 of the attackers of the New England Patriots were unable to move past the opposition line. Adding this up to the 7 that went in for no real gain, the percentage of 22.6 that of the non-kneel-down snaps in only two games.

New England Patriots Should Try To Improve Their Offense ASAP:

Jones expressed faith in the Patriots to carry out that promise. Players had meetings on the next training on Monday prior to their goodbye week, and head Coach Belichick will bring them to the training pitch on Wednesday so they may self-scout well before teams’ break for four-days later in the week.

When considering everything from the team’s new offensive leadership to Jones and other players missing time because of injury problems, Henry said it had “been a bizarre season.”

With just 202.7 per game in passing yards across the 9 games, the New England Patriots are 24th in the League. Their weaknesses in the pass rush become more apparent when they are unable to rely on rising star Stevenson as a rusher—the NY Jets and Indianapolis Colts made it difficult to allow them to perform that regularly the past 2 weeks.