Emily Ratajkowski Was Reluctant To Write About The Assault On The Sets Of ‘Blurred Lines’

emily ratajkowski
emily ratajkowski

Author Emily Ratajkowski is preparing to release her essay collection, ‘My Body’ in November, but she is so sure that she should have included the sexual assault she faced on the sets of ‘Blurred Lines.’ A chapter from the book made it online.

In the leaked portion, Emily Ratajkowski has described the power dynamics on sets of the music video that launched her career back in 2013. It includes an incident in which singer Robin Thicke grabbed her breasts in a non-consensual act.

Emily Ratajkowski appeared in the music video of the controversial song that Thicke made with Pharrell Williams. She has accused Thicke of groping her breasts from behind in between takes, when in an intoxicated state.

Thicke did not respond immediately to the request to comment on the incident.

Emily Ratajkowski Said That Her Narrative Was Plucked Out Of Context 

Emily Ratajkowski along with several other actors performed in the music video directed by prominent choreographer and music director Diane Martel. She alleged in the essay that Thicke suddenly groped her from behind and turned to see Thicke.

The incident was confirmed by Diane Martel who said that she screamed out to Thicke to stop and stop the shooting immediately.

Emily Ratajkowski let out in an online conversation with Anita Hill and Tarana Burke on Time that she had been initially reluctant to include this episode in the essay as she was reluctant to share it with the world.

She said that her reluctance stemmed from how incidents of assaults are perceived and reported by a section of the media. She said that people ought to realize that such issues are invariably more complicated.

Emily Ratajkowski has in the past spoken of incidents when she felt that people had violated her privacy. Jonathan Leder, the eminent photographer, had released several pictures of her without her consent. She says that such misuse is an instance of how women are not allowed to choose how and when they consented that their bodies be depicted or shared.

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