Bill Cosby’s Take On The Criticism Of Howard University

Bill Cosby
Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby, the American stand-up comedian, host, actor, and tv personality, who recently got freed, launched a lengthy note of criticism against Howard University, a private university based in Washington DC. The subject of criticism was the admonishment of the comment made by Phylica Rashad, the TV wife of Bill Cosby. Everything that took place originated from the release of the tv host safer he was convicted for an act of sexual assault. The 83-year-old former convict got his release just last week.

Bill Cosby’s Supporter 

Phylica Rashad, the American actress, had given a statement after the release of “The Cosby,” the American tv show host, over the social media platform, Twitter. She had stated that the jailing of  the convict was a “miscarriage of justice.” And now that he got released, the wrong had been righted. The statement faced criticism from Howard University that is deeply rooted in the history of the Balc community. They claimed that the statement of Rashad, a Bill Cosby supporter, was highly patronizing towards all the survivors who had been the victims of sexual assault. It was also mentioned that the views that she carried, were extremely deviating from that of the university. Her tweet has been deleted from Twitter.

Phylica Rashad is the college of Fine Arts dean of the said university. The actress of “The Cosby Show” became official on the 1st of July the same year. Following her tweet, many members of the faculty came forth to demand her resignation. They include the current students of the university as well as a number of its alumni. They advocated for her firing and her resignation. Following this, Rashad made her apology. However, Bill Cosby went on to criticize the university for thrashing his friend. He mentioned the subject of “Freedom of Speech” as he made his point. The 83-year-old stated that Howard University must support the idea behind the subject.