Three BTS Members Test Positive For COVID-19


RM, Jin, and Suga of the K-pop band BTS have positive results for COVID-19 after coming back from the United States. They had been to the US on their terms during the group’s formal time off. 

According to reports, the band was fully vaccinated and had taken their second dose in August of this year.

BTS Infected

Their agency, Big Hit Production, put out an official statement on Sunday. Jin and RM tested positive for COVID-19 this Saturday. Suga sampled positive on Friday.

As per the statement, RM has not shown any symptoms. Jin, on the other hand, has a mild fever. He is being treated at home.

Suga has no symptoms either but he is being treated at home and is following the health guidelines issued.

In the earlier part of December, RM sampled negative after coming home from the States. However, just before he escaped self-quarantine, he was found positive.

After coming back to S Korea from the States, Jin’s results were negative. He was tested before his scheduled release from the customary self-quarantine. His results were negative the second time too. After leaving, he started exhibiting symptoms similar to that of flu. He underwent one more PCR test. This time around it tested positive.

Suga was diagnosed during self-quarantine coming back from the United States.

The agency closed its statement by stating they will keep providing support for the quick recovery of the 3 members of BTS. They also added that they will fully collaborate with the health authorities of South Korea.

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