Queen Elizabeth Pays Homage To Her Late Husband Prince Philip

Queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth paid accolades to Prince Philip in the annual Christmas TV broadcast. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip had been married for 73 years. 

Queen Elizabeth, 95, said that even though Christmas is a period of cheer and happiness, it is a period of pain for people who have faced loss. The monarch added that this year she understood their pain better. 

The Christmas TV broadcast started with a piece from Queen Elizabeth’s 1997 speech. It was a speech to commemorate their 50th marriage anniversary. 

A photo frame encasing a photo of the royal couple was displayed. The picture was from their 60th marriage anniversary in 2007. She was seen wearing a sapphire chrysanthemum brooch. It was the same brooch she wore during their honeymoon in 1947. 

Queen Elizabeth Remembers Her Husband

Since the passing of her husband, Prince Philip, the Queen has received comfort from the many accolades paid to her late husband. The Prince’s intellectual curiosity, sense of duty, and ability to squeeze the joy out of any given situation were unfailing. The bright sparkle in his eyes with a hint of mischief never changed, she reminisced. 

Even though the loss of Prince Philip is devastating, the Queen believes that the late prince would want a lively Christmas celebration. She added that although the Covid-19 pandemic has brought with it restrictions, simple traditions like carol singing, exchange of gifts, and tree decorating can still be enjoyed.

Queen Elizabeth had to cancel a few plans due to Covid-19. As per tradition, the Queen did not visit Sandringham. She celebrated Christmas with the Prince of Wales, her son, Charles. Cornwall’s Duchess joined them too. 


The pre-Christmas lunch was canceled by the royals. It is a lunch hosted by the palace, where the extended family gets together.

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