Stephen Miller Fights To Stop “Racism Against White People”

stephen miller

A conservative group, America First Legal, led by Stephen Miller, a former senior aide to ex-president Donald Trump has appeared as a major legal opponent to the Biden administration. Stephen Miller is the architect of Trump’s immigrant-family separation policy.

Miller has often spearheaded Trump’s crackdown on immigration. Even outside the Trump circle, he has continued his conservative crusade, years after leaving his post as a top adviser to the Trump administration.

Stephen Miller has spent the last two years as the president of a right-wing organization. It claims that it is fighting back against lawless executive action and also the radical left. First Legal touts itself as the response to the American Civil Liberties Union.

Stephen Miller Brought His Trumpist Crusade To The Courts

Stephen Miller has filed a long list of lawsuits to block what it claims is President Biden‘s anti-white policies. And like the ACLU, they are flush with funds that run into millions of dollars.

Miller has claimed that his main goal was to inspire, help, and coordinate a wider legal movement on the conservative end of the spectrum. He has sought to file a never-ending stream of litigation similar to the ones that the ACLU filed during the Trump era.

Stephen Miller is not just fighting President Biden and his administration but has also picked up a wider range of social issues including the rights of transgenders and affirmative action. The group led by Stephen Miller, AFL has sued Texas A&M claiming a new faculty fellowship program that has been designed to increase diversity at the flagship university in College Station discriminates against white and Asian male candidates.

Miller was behind the group that sued the Biden administration for providing aid to Black Farmers alleging that it gave them an unfair advantage over Black farmers, a move he termed racist.