Buffalo Bills Back On Track In Win Over Buccaneers

Buffalo Bills

Buffalo Bills QB Josh Allen alone accounted for 3 touchdowns as they beat the Buccaneers on TNF. Gabriel Davis had a career-best nine catches for 87 years and a touchdown. Allen threw for 2 touchdowns and then ran in the third. The Buffalo Bills endured a strong rally in the later stages by the New York City visitors after having led in the 3rd quarter by an imposing 24-10.

The deficit was down to 6 points for the Buccaneers when Baker Mayfield found Evans for a TD over 24 yards. He then combined with Cade Otton to bring in another 2 points through a conversion. But time was against the Buccaneers as the game-winner drive eluded them at Orchard Park. Allen had a completion rate of 31 out of 40 passes over 324 yards plus an interception.

Buffalo Bills Almost Went Down Under Pressure In The Later Stages

But despite the formidable advantage of 14 points with a little more than 10 minutes remaining, the Buffalo Bills almost buckled under late pressure before finally prevailing to go up 5-3 this season. The Tampa Bay charge was led by Mayfield as he threw for 237 years plus 2 touchdowns. On passes, he finished with 25 for 42. However, the visitors to Highmark Stadium went down for their third straight defeat despite the valiant recovery from a ten-point shortfall in the 2nd quarter in just 54 seconds. Center Mitch Morse said that the Buffalo Bills came out with energy, and it worked out well with the execution part on the field.

The Buffalo Bills were in control for most stages. But they erred in the later stages by allowing the Buccaneers to hang around for longer than was safe for them. And they almost paid the price for it. Regardless the Bills came back with a win. The team’s offense was the most notable improvement in this outing for the Buffalo Bills.