Stimulus Checks: October 2023 State List

stimulus check
Stimulus Check

When the pandemic was at its worst, several states, along with the federal government, distributed economy impact payments. These were usually some kind of stimulus check that helped out the residents. Now, 3 years have passed since the Act called CARES was passed by the government. As such, at present, most stimulus checks are no longer being issued. Regardless, the economy has persistently remained turbulent. This, coupled with several other financially worrying reasons, assistance is still at hand from a couple of states.

The States Handing Out The Stimulus Checks

As per information provided by several sources such as AP News, there will be a stimulus check-like tax rebate that will be only issued once per person in November. Single filers may receive up to $150, while the value is $300 for married filers. However, to qualify, residents should have filed their taxes for 2021 before October 17, 2022. The state reported a surplus of $2.8Bn in its Trust Fund of Education, of which $383mn is being used to fund these checks.

IRS had given taxpayers in Georgia an extension to file their taxes. Filing them in time could qualify residents for a possible tax credit that will be issued only once. Even non-Georgia residents can qualify. The criteria is that the taxes had to be paid in Georgia. The amount being refunded will be based on the taxes and the income of the applying individual.

Residents in Illinois can receive stimulus check-like property checks that have been left unclaimed. The amount can go up to $5000. Over 66,000 individuals can be eligible for the money, resulting in a total amount of $47Mn required. Unclaimed property means assets or funds that the real owners may have forgotten about with time. You will receive an Illinois Treasurer’s Office letter if you qualify.