Buffalo Bills Win The Playoff For The First Time In 26 Years

Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills made their first win in a playoff game since the year 1995.

This was the first time in this season that the team played the game in front of their own home crowd. The Buffalo Bills won over the team Indianapolis Colts. The score of the game was 27-24. It took place on Saturday.

The game was had been a wildcard one where they won. This win of the Bills was the first-ever playoff win in Orchard Park since the date, 30th of December, in the year 1995. That was the very year the team won over the team, the Miami Dolphins, by beating Dan Marino. The score of the 1995 game was 37-22.

Buffalo Bills’ Quarterback, Josh Allen, On Their Victory

The quarter player, Josh Allen, gave a statement following the team’s win. He said that it had been such a long time that the mafia of the Buffalo Bills had not celebrated the victory of the team. Josh Allen also added that he was aware that this was just one game that they had won. The quarterback player further expressed his thankfulness for the fact that they now had another chance to prove themselves in the following week.

Allen, the 24-year-old quarterback player of the Buffalo Bills, showed a significant improvement as compared to the first playoff of his which was held in the last season. In the playoff game, he threw for 300 yards and went on to complete a total of 70% of the passes that he made. This took Allen to be the youngest-ever player in the history of the National Football League to do so. This information is according to the Stats and Information research of ESPN.

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