Arnold Schwarzenegger Defies The Capitol Violence In A Recent Video

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger

A yet another celebrity-cum politician gave a statement following the Capitol unrest that took place in the United States of America. The statement came from Arnold Schwarzenegger, the former Governor of California. He finally spoke out defying the undemocratic violence that broke out in the US Capitol.

While Arnold Schwarzenegger gave his statement, he compared the incident to Kristallnacht. It is popularly known as the “Night of Broken Glass”. It belongs to the Germany of the year 1938 when the country was ruled by the Nazis.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Speaks Out Over Twitter

The former Governor of California claimed that the broken glass could be compared to the windows to the Capitol of the US. He took to the social media platform Twitter to convey his message. It was a lengthy video of a total of eight minutes shared by Arnold Schwarzenegger where he expressed his disappointment with regard to the activities that were carried out by the pro-Trump supporters.

The caption that he gave for his Twitter-shared video said that it was with regard to the US Capitol incident. He also wrote that it was directed to the citizens of the United States of America as well as to all the people of the world. Arnold Schwarzenegger shared the video this Sunday.

The video spoke about the idea of how democracy had been challenged and put to a threat. Arnold claimed that the ideas of democracy had been shattered by the violent mob that day. Them breaking into the US Capitol was a direct violation of the American democracy as the building had been a symbol of democratic America. Arnold Schwarzenegger further mentioned that the very basis on which the federal United States of America had been built, was democracy. However, this very sacred basis had been trampled by the rioters who carried out the violent protest.