Buffalo Bills End Their Winless Streak, Thanks To Josh Allen, Cole Beasley

Buffalo Bills
Buffalo Bills

Buffalo Bills broke a winless streak on Monday night by beating San Francisco 34-17. Cole Beasley, wide receiver set his career-high by rushing 130 yards out of which 113 was completed before the second half began.

Josh Allen, quarterback, completed 32 passes out of 40, rushed for a total of 375 yards, and did four touchdowns. It was the most amazing game for the Bills his season.

According to Sean McDermott, head coach, it was their most complete game and they would be looking for winning more. The Tre White takeaway was a key point of the game. It was a lot of complementary football.

Buffalo Bills’ Electric First-Half Performance

Allen has passed Drew Bledsoe and set a new franchise record. He is currently tied with Jim Kelly having four total touchdown passes. Allen has a career-high of 284 yards and he completed 92% of the passes on Monday and did two touchdowns.

Allens’s confidence soon spread to Beasley who ended up racking 113 total receiving yards before the second half. Beasley also thanked Allen for inspiring him during the game.

Since Flutie led Buffalo Bills to a victory against Miami Dolphins, they didn’t win a single game until against San Francisco.

Mcdermott believes that every win is a good win and he is happy for their fans and organization. He also thinks that every fan in Buffalo watched the match by staying up late.

The electric performance of the Buffalo Bills in the first half energized the whole team and also inspired them. The players were all pumped up and ready to go out there and beat San Francisco during half-time.

This win takes the Buffalo Bills up the chart in AFC East. They lead the Dolphins with one-game in hand and four total games remaining. They host the Steelers next week.