World Naked Bike Ride In Philadelphia Will Only Need Bikers To Wear Masks

world naked bike ride
world naked bike ride

The Philadelphia World Naked Bike Ride event will be hosted on the city streets in the upcoming months. All participants in this quirky event must be without any piece of clothing. However, masks covering the face are still a compulsory requirement.

World Naked Bike Ride Back After Pandemic

Organizers released a statement regarding the annual world naked bike ride in Philadelphia. The official date for the event has been announced as 28th August. These are Bohemian rides labeled “Bear as Dare” and also encourage being naked. However, the events need participants to wear masks depending on the severity of past restrictions imposed on the city due to the pandemic.

Promotional posts on their social media account have named the World Naked Bike Ride of this year as the “The Mask Edition”. In the previous week, almost all restrictions pertaining to the Covid-19 pandemic were lifted last week in Philadelphia officially. This included limits regarding capacity for events and businesses, as well as requirements regarding social distancing.

The organizer of the ride said that he has stuck with the earlier mask guidelines. This is because no discussions have been held yet between the organizer and the city regarding the recent changes regarding the coronavirus guidelines. Wesley Noonan Sessa, the organizer, added that he will be waiting for any communication from Philadelphia in the approaching weeks regarding the World Naked Bike Ride.

At the yearly event, participants will gather at a park in their locality. Then they will strip and paint themselves. After that, they will bike ride along a course of a 10-mile length, and meet up with other riders. Participants in World Naked Bike Ride can number in thousands. The riders normally sightsee the Liberty Bell and the Independence Hall.