Caeleb Dressel Wins His First Olympic Gold

Caeleb Dressel
Caeleb Dressel

In quite an interesting finish, Caeleb Dressel of the USA narrowly beats Kyle Chalmers of Australia to win his first-ever Olympic Gold. The 24-year-old swimmer set up an Olympic record in the fast race with an impressive time of 47.02 seconds.

When the race got over, the champion smiled and put both of his hands in the air as he soaked in the adulation of his teammates. Interestingly, this is the first-ever individual gold in the Olympics, as he had already won gold in the 4X100 meter relay at the Olympics. Yet, he managed to trounce his own speed. 

First Gold For Caeleb Dressel

Caeleb Dressel also holds the world record for the 100-meter butterfly, which he wants to beat in the current Olympics. Therefore, his teammates, his friends, families, and the rest of the country would be looking at the finals of the Butterfly event on Friday.

Apart from Dressel, the rest of the US swimmers, too, had quite an impressive day at the Olympics. Bobby Finke of Florida took the gold in the 800-meter freestyle, while Katie Ledecky and the US national team won the 4×200 meter freestyle team relay. Regan Smith and Hali Flickinger also had podium finishes in the 200-meter butterfly. 

After the race, Caeleb Dressel stated that he wasn’t really worried about anything. As it stands, there isn’t much that one would be thinking while a race was going on. He further stated that he had a prominent plan on the forefront, and he decided to follow through with that. 

Caeleb Dressel understands that winning an individual gold is quite different from a team event. He mentioned that while he didn’t want to admit there were differences, an individual event was more difficult- simply because one had to completely rely on themselves. 

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