NBA Mailbag 2023: Where Does Giannis Rank In The Race?


Why do the dominance of NBA star Giannis Antetokounmpo’s box score is not close to his advanced stats in this season, and where does he rank in the MVP race. The player has been selected to be the MVP two times. He has an average of 31.2 points in this year’s competition. He has also registered 11.9 rebounds in each game. Thus, Giannis is pretty close choice in the third position in the odds to win the MVP this year after Jokic and Embiid.

However, some of the value metrics which rated Giannis as the MVP at plus six hundred is now rating his with such good scores as the final games of the season is almost here. So, here we are going to dig dipper to know what has happened with the two-times MVP winner player.

What Is Causing The Recent Dip In Giannis In NBA?

If you take a close look of the stats of the player in the NBA, you will see that the block and steal rates are at his all-time lows in his long career. The player was playing with Lopez this season. However Lopez being out for most of the season, the blocking opponent from two pointers for Giannis got reduced to half the numbers he had produced this last season. However, he still is more than 33% less than the previous seasons.

For most of these numbers, the point in the value metrics is going lower than ever for Giannis. However, some of the experts still believe than the value metrics is not the perfect way to check the performance by Giannis. What we figure from all of this is that the player should be in the ballot, but not quite up top with the top players.

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