Caleigh Ryan Had Been married To HARDY? Wedding Details And More

Caleigh Ryan

On Saturday, the pair wed at a farm in Nashville before a crowd of three-fifty guests. Fans were longing for the news and it has finally come. HARDY and Caleigh Ryan have bonded in holy matrimony.

The singer and his four year long partner has tied the knot in front of three-fifty guests in a farm called the Diamond Creek Farm in Nashville.

Ryan came in front of the reporters of PEOPLE where she said that the venue was absolutely stunning, and also brand new. This is why they choose the place.

She said that it is an amazing stone venue with green pastures and the ceremony space outside looked absolutely stunning with the Tennessee landscapes and the greenery.

The bride didn’t find herself in love with one of the costumes she looked on at a bridal dress boutique, so she worked with Anat & Naama to create a garment just for her big day.

Caleigh Ryan And HARDY Has Tied Knots:

Caleigh Ryan said that they has gone to many award shows where they wore beautiful dresses and thus it was about finding any dress versus a beautiful dress. That according to her has been the biggest problem.

Ryan stated that she would fly all the way and forth between Nashville and Austin while she collaborated with her artist to build the dress.

Caleigh Ryan said that her designer did an amazing job with the designs. She added that she loved her dress and she was very excited about it. She told the reporters that she played around with some ideas but she just loved the final outcome of the gown.

Caleigh Ryan did eventually change into a short going-out outfit, but she claimed it was actually an “exit dress” because the celebration remained after the ceremony on Broadway.