Alex Verdugo Gets Baseball Thrown At; MLB Bans Fan For Life

Alex Verdugo
Alex Verdugo

Alex Verdugo, a left fielder of the Red Sox, got a baseball thrown at Yankees Stadium. The Yankees took action and imposed a strict ban on the fan from attending any future games at the stadium. Alongside, the MLB also joined in to ban the fan from 29 other stadiums as well. 

The Yankees stated that they do appreciate a feeling of rivalry and competitiveness in their games, more so from the side of the Red Sox. However, endangering the life of a player, and putting him in jeopardy is something that is uncalled for and is unacceptable all the same.

Alex Verdugo was enraged when the baseball hit him at the back and hurt him. The incident occurred right prior to the Yankees starting out the sixth inning.

Alex Verdugo Gets Justice As Future Steps Unfold

Alex Verdugo getting hit by a baseball is really a shameful act for the spirit of the sport. In order to carry out proper judgments and assessments of the future risks, the Yankees have a meeting scheduled with the authorities to equip them with the relevant and necessary information regarding the incident that took place.
Further, it was disclosed that the officers present on the ground did not arrest the fan responsible for the incident and were promptly extradited from the stadium. The fan was not arrested because of reasons unknown but was kept a track of in case of future 

As soon as the ball hit Alex Verdugo, the manager, Alex Cora immediately redacted his team from the field for their safety until the issue was resolved and the tensions eased. The manager of the Yankees,  Aaron Boone, was in contempt of the fan. He wanted the fan to end up being jailed for the uncivilized act. All the players, the coach, and especially Alex Verdugo were apologized to for the rash behavior they had to endure.

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