California Lockdown: Orders For Shelter-In-Place, Quarantines, After Surge In Coronavirus Cases

California Lockdown
California Lockdown

California is faced with a huge resurgence of COVID-19 cases which is uncontrollable for the care facilities. Gavin Newsom, Governor of California, has recently issued permission to local governments to implement orders for stay-at-home and several other measures for the shutdown which are stricter than the March California lockdown.

The health officers of the Bay Area have implemented the lockdown with a 150 miles radius from Friday.

Stringent Rules During The California Lockdown

The state has imposed the orders for stay-at-home according to a regional basis that depends on the pressures on the local ICU capacity. During the news conference for the announcement of California lockdown rules, Newsom stated that this is a more challenging phase than the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.

The new rules will be implemented once the regional ICU beds reach 85% of their capacity. So far, none of the regions have reached near that capacity yet but might reach within a couple of days. However, Northern California will be imposing a lockdown immediately.

California lockdown will prohibit private get-togethers and businesses except for the critical organization and retail.

Washington and Oregon gave new travel regulations asking returnees and visitors to self-isolate for 14 days from Friday itself. All visitors and residents of California are requested to undertake a two-week self-quarantine. However, it is not mandatory.

Nonetheless, Santa Clara has made it compulsory for anyone returning after traveling over 150 miles. Los Angeles is handing out a two-week quarantine “recommendation” form at airports and railway stations. San Francisco might impose severe lockdown measures owing to their alarming rate of growth in COVID-19 cases.

California is struggling to curb the raging pandemic with equally stringent measures.