Dwayne Johnson As Maui Again

dwayne johnson

Moana is hitting the theatres in 2025. Dwayne Johnson is playing the role of Maui. Disney’s live-action remake hits the theatres after nine years of the original Maui. It’s coming in theatres on 27th June 2025.

Moana is about bringing the Polynesian culture to the surface and nurturing them. Exercising the extinct culture and their people. Making the world and conditioning children with knowledge of everything. They must learn to appreciate all cultures and skin colors.

Johnson took the authority to let people know about the Polynesian culture. Moana has become the children’s favorite movie.

Dwayne Johnson Is Honoring His Ancestors

After the April meeting, Dwayne Johnson announced the remake of live-action Disney’s Moana. 

He wants to honor his role in Moana. Polynesian culture is deeply rooted in him. It’s his culture. He cherishes them every moment. He proudly wears that on his skin. Dwayne Johnson addresses this role of Maui as once in a lifetime opportunity.

Maui’s character is inspired by his late grandfather High Chief Peter Maivia’s character.

He is offered the opportunity to play Maui and showcase his culture’s grace. Mana and warrior strength. He mentioned this in his April Instagram post.

He wants to honor every bit of his success to his ancestors.

Dwayne Johnson shared an Instagram post with his two daughters. One of his daughters is Tiana, 5 years old. And the elder one, Jasmine, is 7 years old.

He often posts photos with them.

All three of them made a video together to make the announcement that everyone’s favorite movie Moana is coming very soon. Back in April, they announced it was already in work.

Recently posted on Instagram, he captioned his post a quote from Moana. And he ended the caption with Love and Mana.