A Lack Of Clarity At The IRS As Biden’s Stimulus Check Completes A Year

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

Legislators straddling both parties are mounting pressure on the IRS as intermittent problems and pending issues from the tax files of last year remain, causing immense hardship to tax filers. This is when we are fully into a new tax season.

Over 100 lawmakers comprising a dual-party group from the US Senate and House sent a joint letter to the Internal Revenue Service as confusion reigned and there were numerous problems concerning the agency.

Charles Rettig, the IRS Commissioner received a letter from the lawmakers where they expressed concern that the tax authorities lacked a wide-ranging plan that remedies the frequent issues plaguing taxpayers. This is even though the new tax season is in full swing.

The problem arose after the enhanced Child Tax Credit payments of President Biden. This monthly program gave a stimulus check to parents, the amount varying between $250 and $300 depending on the age of the children.

The Combined Weight Of The 3rd Stimulus Check And Ctc Payments Disrupted The IRS’s Schedule

This extra bureaucratic burden came at a time when the IRS was already weighed down by the distribution of the third stimulus check, which was in full swing at that period.

This combined job of sending both the third stimulus check and the enhanced CTC stimulus check caused a major disruption in the whole process and delayed the distribution of the payments.

Data from the National Taxpayer Advocate in its commissioned report published in December showed that there were 6.2M unprocessed returns of individuals even at that stage. There were an additional 2.4M unprocessed amended returns, 2.8M business returns that were unprocessed, and 4,27,000 business returns that were amended. Further, the NTA revealed that around 4.75M unprocessed communication from taxpayers lying with the IRS.

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