Lincoln Project Under A Great Crisis After Losing A Member

Lincoln Project
Lincoln Project

The crisis that was being faced by the Lincoln Project only got worse this week. This is because the co-founder of the organization, Steve Schmidt, gave his resignation. This incident took place this Friday. The decision to resign was an abrupt one.

This is not it for the Lincoln Project. The crisis got strengthened by the former employees of the anti-Trump organization. They put forward their demand concerning their release from the agreements of non-disclosure. The reason for this is because they wanted to disclose information concerning the dealing of the allegations of harassment. This is in relation to the other co-founder of the organization, John Weaver.

Lincoln Project’s Mr Schmidt

According to sources, Mr Schmidt will not be breaking ties with the Lincoln Project entirely. Post his leave, which is of a temporary nature, there will still be the continuation of the executive capacity. He had joined the board after the elections that took place in the month of November.

He gave a statement with regard to the allegations surrounding him and the organization. He spoke out on his personal experiences as well. He stated that he was sexually assaulted back when he was a teenager. This came following the criticism that he faced after the response that came from him. This was with regard to the allegations that were made against Mr Weaver.

The former member of the Lincoln Project claimed the fact that he was unaware of the behaviour of Mr Weaver until the month of January. However, this statement is contradicted by a former worker of the organization. It is said that he was aware of it in the month of October 2020. Mr Weaver is accused of sending messages to men of provocative and unsolicited nature for numerous years.

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