California Will Be Probably Losing The Congressional Seat!


If California loses out on the congressional seat, it will be happening for the 1st time ever in history. The Bureau of Census will be rolling out the official and latest headcount of the state. This time, the state will probably be losing out on the congressional seat. This is happening for the 1st time ever in history because of a fast decline in the growth of the population of California. This will be a disgrace for the golden state!

Can California Hold Onto Its Seat?

Over the last decade, the growth rate of the population annually has declined to 0.06%. This rate is lower than the population rate of the state since 1900. The total number of seats of the State will get reduced by one seat. After that, the total number of Seats in California would be 52. This will make the state lose the presidential election’s electoral votes. Meanwhile, states such as Florida and Texas are increasing their political clout and population. Texan will probably be gaining three more seats. This is a report from the data of Election Services analysis. Florida is expected to gain two seats. Colorado and Arizona would also be gaining seats. 

If California holds onto its total number of 53 seats, it would be on account of the work done by state leaders who spent $200 million towards census outreach. They are trying to include a significant portion of the residents for a significant portion of the funding coming from the Federal Reserve. The fleeing residents of the state often cite higher living costs, sprawling wildfires, and high taxes as their major motivation. Residents have become fed up with the ways of Gavin Newsom, the Governor of the state.