Cam Newton Will Probably Not Start, As Patriots Are Still Gearing Up

cam newton
cam newton

Cam Newton’s re-signing is raising a lot of questions on where the New England Patriots are currently headed. The one-year contract is not one for a first-choice player. It’s for a backup, as per ESPN analysts. Cam Newton is the most logical option available for the Patriots given the costs and the free agents on the market.

However, a big question is whether Cam can keep up physically. Bill Belichick, the Patriots’ coach, thinks he can. However, Newton has faced criticism over his health and mechanics throughout last season. As a result, the popular consensus is that Cam Newton is near the end of his career.

However, the team itself was generally happy at the news. The next fixture for the Patriots is against the Carolina Panthers, the team for which Cam had debuted.

However, the resigning is received as a temporary measure until a proper QB is on-board. The most likely targets are Jonnu Smith and Hunter Henry. The two players offer the best statistics for the areas in which the team underperformed last season. NFL experts say Smith is the preferred option.

The Team Apart From Cam Newton

Among other positions, Marcus Cannon’s stint with the team may have come to an end after the Patriot’s trade involving Trent Brown. Brown’s 2018 season was his best. Of the two coaches during his previous time with the team, only Cabrera remains. Given the heavily incentivized nature of Brown’s contract, a lot of interest is being shown about the player.

The New England Patriots are third last on the list of spenders across the last three off-seasons. J. C. Jackson, the second-ranked cornerback, is expected to receive a tender worth $3.38 million. The second-round tender amount is half as much as the first-round tender, however, it wouldn’t be surprising if the first-round is paid as well.

Justin Bethel has also been re-signed. This is probably because he values the stability that the Patriots are offering, as his spouse is expecting her first child.

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