Tips for selling iPhone 7 for maximum cash 

iPhone 7
iPhone 7

Like many other versions of the iPhone, Apple had announced the discontinuation of the iPhone 7 long back. Even the iPhone 8 got discontinued in April 2020. The year additionally saw the dispatch of the iPhone SE and iPhone 12. As these cell phones got launched, the lesser-enjoyed iPhones lost their appeal. If you have an old iPhone 7, you can sell it online and earn some good cash. 

The moderately recent handsets of the iPhone got outperformed as Apple’s basic devices by the iPhone SE 2020. Regardless, paying little attention to their inadequacies, they can get you a reasonable proportion of money. You can expect a couple of hundred pounds depending on the condition of the handset. In this article, we show how you can get the best price for sell iPhone 7. 

Resale value of old iPhone 7 

The value you get offered for an old iPhone 7 relies upon different variables. You can browse through the websites of buyers online to get a quote by entering the details of your model. You will get quotes at first for handsets in various conditions. Update the choices to get a precise quote for your old iPhone. New handsets are the ones that are in their packaging, and broken ones are the ones that have damages. Changing the network carrier and internal memory will likewise impact the quotes you get when selling old cell phones. 

Is it possible to sell a network-locked iPhone 7? 

It is possible to sell such handsets, but the money offered is not much. It similarly relies upon the network it is related to. When you get the bundling for your old iPhone, certify that your handset is network-attached to a particular operator. Unlocking your gadget will guarantee a better cost, and it isn’t hard to sort this. In particular, you need to request your transporter, which may require a couple of days to get fulfilled. You should utilize another SIM card. If you don’t have one, back up the information on your handset, delete the settings, and restore it later. 

Sell your iPhone 7 online 

It is not difficult to sell your unwanted iPhone and bring in some cash. Follow these tips to sell your iPhone 7 and get the top money for it. 

  • Get quotes 

You can browse through the websites of online buyers. They have a dedicated section where you can get quotes by entering the details of the device you own. You will get various offers for likely conditions. You can pick one from the options to match the state of your iPhone 7. You will similarly have to show the network carrier and storage memory details. Till this point, you will not have to enter any of your details. If you are content with the offer prices, you can enter your contact details. 

  • Send the handset 

You ought to send your old iPhone in the packaging provided to you. There will be a few papers about the details you need to fill in. So, ensure you fill it and add it to the packaging. You can, in like manner, add the accessories like a charger, headphones, and others. 

  • Receive money 

When they get your handset, the buyer will audit it to ensure the condition matches what you had indicated. They will conclude the arrangement upon an effective check and proceed towards releasing the payment. If there are any inconsistencies in the state of the handset, they will notify and offer a revised price. It will depend upon the particular condition of your handset. You are permitted to acknowledge or deny it. At the point when you recognize the offer, they will proceed towards the payment. You can pick bank transfer or PayPal to get the money for your old iPhone 7. 


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