Cam Newton Provides Answers In Riddles When Asked If Belichick Has Informed Him Of Starting In Week 1 For Patriots

cam newton
cam newton

Cam Newton is still present in a slot of the roster for the Patriots. This marks Mac Jones not starting as quarterback for the team right away. Throughout all of the offseason, there have been assumptions that Cam Newton would be starting for the Patriots and before the lineup is transitioned to bring in Jones to start for the team in the future. It is still uncertain whether the transition would take place this season or it would be postponed to the next campaign.

Cam Newton is rumored to have been struggling to throw the ball during the training camp. The struggles made their way onto the pitch even on Monday, which raised questions as to whether Bill Belichick, the coach, has informed Newton of being the starter for the Patriots in Week 1, which rolls in around early September.

To the questions raised, Cam Newton answered in a cryptic manner saying that he knows what everyone knows. What he possibly meant was that the knowledge about the issue is the same between both the media and him, as, Belichik is yet to name a starter. The ambiguity of the situation is not good news for Newton, since Jones would be replacing him eventually anyway.

Cam Newton And His Future In The Patriots

Cam Newton has been having trouble in the training grounds, which can make his position unstable in the starting team during Week 1, which is scheduled to begin around sometime next month. This is not a good thing, because Mac Jones, the new recruit into the team that Patriots made. During the NFL draft pick, Jones was the highest spend behind a quarterback to have been picked under Belichick. 

There have been multiple questions to be raised after the undesirable performances shown by Cam Newton during the training. This can prove hazardous to his future with the club. Nevertheless, it is still uncertain since Belichik has not taken any decisive calls and named a quarterback to start during the first week of the season.

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