Mo Brooks Faces Lawsuit Filed By Representative Swalwell

Mo Brooks
Mo Brooks

Mo Brooks, the Representative from the state of Alabama, faced a lawsuit that was filed by Eric Swalwell, the Representative from the Democratic party. Swalwell considers the Alabama Representative to be held partially responsible for the Capitol riot that broke out in the United States of America on the 6th of January. This information has been derived from one of the attorneys of the Democratic Representative and a tweet that was shared by Mo Brooks.

Mo Brooks Condemns Swalwell’s Actions

The 67-year-old Republican Representative took to the social media platform, Twitter, to make claims about the lengths that Eric Swalwell went to in order to get what he was seeking. In the Tweet, Mo Brooks criticized the team of the Democrat for being forceful towards his wife. He called it a “horrible team.” The Republican further stated that the team sneaked into his house and called it a crime. He emphasized the word by writing it in block letters.

As for the legal team of Representative Eric Swalwell, they went on to hire a private detective in order to get what they wanted. This was what had been mentioned in the court filings. Matthew Kaiser, the attorney of Swalwell gave a little insight into the case to one of the news channels. It was stated that the private investigator-in-charge had left the important papers with Martha Jenkins, the wife of Mo Brooks. This took place at the home of the Representative in the state of Alabama.  

The legal team of the Democratic Representative is yet to provide notifications to the court with regard to the serving of Brooks. But this is to get done very soon. It is crucial to serving the papers as a part of the entire process of the lawsuit. In case Brooks is of the belief that he was not served properly, he will be provided with the opportunity to contest the case in court.