Miami Heat Guard Avery Bradley Opens Up About His Covid-19 Ordeal

Miami Heat
Miami Heat

It has not been an easy year for Avery Bradley, Miami Heat’s guard. In a recent statement made to the press, Avery opened up about his share of ordeal owing to the Covid-19 illness.

The Miami Heat guard said, “I was really nervous.” He mentions further that it was not easy to stay away from his family for two weeks. Avery Bradley tested positive for the coronavirus the previous month. He confirmed the news this Tuesday in a press statement. The ongoing pandemic and its related crisis have shown us over the past year that the inception of this virus can seem daunting to anyone. He constantly harps on the fact that he was worried that his family might be affected by his being ill with the virus.

Miami Heat Plays With 8 Players During Avery Bradley’s Absence

Miami Heat’s Bradley said that it was a blessing that no one in his family got the virus from him. This was especially difficult for him because his young son already suffers from a chronic respiratory illness. He further mentioned that the worst is over and that he is genuinely happy that his wife and kids did not get the virus from him.

During the time when he was ill with the virus, his team Miami Heat too went through a difficult phase. For two games during this stretch, they had to play with only eight players. The others including Bradley were out owing to coronavirus-related issues. Sources suggest that Avery has only been present for 10 games for Miami Heat this season. For the other 14 games, he has been absent either for testing positive with the coronavirus or because of his knee injury following his recovery.

Miami Heat’s coach expects that he will be out for another few weeks till March before he rejoins the team.

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