Cam Newton Re-Signs With New England Patriots

cam newton
cam newton

Cam Newton is set to continue his stay with the New England Patriots. A contract lasting for one year has been signed by the player, as per confirmed reports on Friday. The contract can see Newton being paid a total of $13.6 million. However, $8.5 million of that are kept on the condition that the Patriots reach the playoffs, with Newton being the MVP, as well as other clauses of that sort.

The QB’s contract however has guaranteed payment of $3.5 million, with a total of $5.1 million. This is the same amount as Chase Daniels gets from Detroit. Detroit has Daniel on contract as a backup QB. It seems Patriots is intending the same for Cam Newton.

A Mixed Season For Cam Newton

Newton had played with the Patriots last season for a one-year contract worth $1.75 million. Newton, now 31, had been a starter in 15 games for the Patriots. He had covered 2,657 yards and had completed 65.8% of the passes he had attempted. He was the 22nd overall ranked QB of the ones who had qualified thanks to his 82.9 passer rating.

The QB had the least passing YPG with a score of 177.1 among all the QBs who had started for 10 or more games. Newton, however, had scored 40.6% of the Patriots’ scrimmage TDs. It was the highest in the League with Kyler Murray of Arizona in second place. Murray had 22.4% involvement with his team. Cam Newton was also ranked 17th on the NFL’s official list of the best 101 available free agents.

However, he had tested covid positive at the beginning of the season which made him miss a game. Newton had later admitted during the offseason that this was the main reason he had to play catch-up for much of the season.

Both Newton and the Patriots have seemed to agree that last season’s failures were more because of the offense than the player. As such, as long as the Pats do not have a proper long-term signing, Cam Newton is the logical choice.