Andrew Cuomo Told To Resign By A Growing Number Of Democrats

Andrew Cuomo
Andrew Cuomo

The number of Democrats raising their voice against the Democratic governor, Andrew Cuomo, is rising with time. The New York governor is caught in the midst of a political blizzard this year. He stands to be accused of sexual harassment by a bunch of women. The governor is also accused of submitting the wrong death counts of coronavirus that took place in the nursing home.

Andrew Cuomo Criticized By His Party Members

Following all these mishaps, Governor Andrew Cuomo is facing pressure to resign from the members of his party. The ones to oppose him are Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the New York Representative, and Jerry Nadler, the chairman of the judiciary. They issued their respective statements this Friday.

Judiciary chairman Jerry Nadler took to the social media platform, Twitter, to make his claims. His post made it quite clear that the chairman has very little faith left in governor Andrew Cuomo. He wrote that it is very inappropriate for the New York governor to continue holding the office following the seriousness of the accusations that are made against him.

Nadler also talked about the manner the governor gave his reply following the accusations. He concluded his post by writing that Andrew Cuomo must resign because the people of the state of New York no longer have confidence in him.

So far, a total of 12 members of the Democratic party out of 19 have spoken for the resignation of the Democratic governor. The embattled Andrew Cuomo has already faced calls for resignation from most of the politicians of the state-level belonging to the Democratic party.

Andrew Cuomo has taken the vow to not resign from his post. He has requested the public to not make any judgements until Letitia James’ verdict. James is the Attorney General of New York who will be investigating Cuomo’s case.