Canada Election Closes In On Trudeau As Winner

Canada Election
Canada Election

Canada Elections created a buzz in the recent few weeks. The election was keenly contested and is now waiting for the results. The polls have been closed now officially. The polls were shut off at different intervals throughout the country. This happened due to the different time zones. 

However, a tweet assured the ones still in the queue to be able to cast their votes. The recent elections were the most intensely contested ones. However, Justin Trudeau seems to have his nose ahead. He fought against Erin O’ Toole, who is a Conservative candidate. 

Canada Election Predicts Trudeau With The Win

Trudeau was the person to initiate the election in the middle of his tenure. The election was called in the month of August. The government of Trudeau was just serving its second year when the Canada Election happened. Trudeau stated that he was pretty much confident about winning the election with a majority. He even brushed off the concerns of the impact of the pandemic on the outcome. 

A host of issues were brought up by O’Toole in the Canada Election. He criticized Trudeau for his policies. He termed them as incapable and to have lacked vision. Pandemic, changes in climate, affordable housing were some of the issues addressed. However, despite all these allegations, Trudeau looks to be the man in charge again. This has happened largely because most Canadians did not feel the need for a Canada Election. 

There are six parties in all. However, the citizens felt that two of the most capable men for the Canada Election were Trudeau and O’Toole. They trusted these politicians to take their country forward. Trudeau did face some opposing as well. A recent campaign in Ontario saw an individual hurling a stone at Trudeau. 

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