Canelo Vs Saunders Face-Off: Saunders To Skip Fight Due To Ring Size!

canelo vs saunders

There is a lot of drama that is unfolding in the face-off event, Canelo vs. Saunders. Saunders is claiming that the camp of Alvarez is conspiring to cheat Saunders out of this fair fight. Billy Saunders previously stated that it won’t matter if he wins or loses against Canelo Alvarez, boxing superstar, in their fight planned on Saturday, he won’t make any excuses afterward. 

More Details On Canelo vs Saunders Face-Off

Now, in the face-off event, Canelo vs Saunders, Billy Saunders has decided to not step a single foot inside the ring because a recent dispute has come into the picture regarding the ring size. On Tuesday, Saunders skipped his 1st face-off against Alverez. He has declared that it would be impossible for him to fight in a ring that is not even a twenty-four feet ring. This news comes following an interview of Saunders with TALKsport.

He also added that MTK, his management team is trying to sort out this mess which is a quite big hiccup. He stated that his primary problem in the faceoff event, Canelo vs. Saunders, is that his opponent’s camp is constantly trying to make this fight, Canelo Vs Saunders in a typical boxing ring, the size of a small phone box.

He said that he can’t see the problem, because the size of the stadium is more than a hundred feet. It doesn’t make any sense to him that Alverez’s camp is trying to put a small ring of only 18 or 16 feet size in the center of such a long stadium. He declared such a ring completely unacceptable to him. He has a clear demand that the fight, Canelo vs, Saunders takes place in a ring of at least 24 feet in size. But the opponent is saying that it is impossible.

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