J Cole To Soon Drop His New Album

J Cole
J Cole

J Cole, rapper and founder of Dreamville Records, recently made the announcements of his new album. He gave out the date of release. According to the announcement, The Off-Season, the album, will become on the 14th of May this year. The rapper took to the platform of social media to make the announcement. In the caption, he stated that it took him several years to complete it.

J Cole After A Long Time

The social media post of the lyricist of Fayetteville, N.C, gave way to several comments. It also got re-tweeted from fans as well as various artists. The post of J Cole over Instagram earned a total of 25,000 comments just within a span of 20 minutes. And on Twitter, everybody is talking about the video of the reaction of one of the fans of the rapper after hearing the news. Jo Cole had not dropped his music for a long time.

This is becoming one of the most highly anticipated albums of the year. The new project is getting dropped after a total of three years since the release of the last album. The name of the last project was KOD. It was the fifth album of J Cole to reach the top of the chart of Billboard 200. The speculation with regard to the retirement of the rapper from the industry began after the release of “Off-Season.”

It came out in one of the posts of the rapper in the year 2020. It was posted over the social media platform, Instagram.  The cover art of “Off-Season” is a reflection of the freshman mixtape of J Cole. The name of the mixtape is “The Come Up.” it revealed the rapper at the right corner. The background of the photo reveals a city in a cool tone. The difference is that the current picture reveals a burning basketball hoop in the background.     

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