Capitol Hill Suffered Extensive Data Breach Than What Was Known Previously

Capitol Hill
Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone

A cybersecurity breach happened at Capitol Hill that is now considered to be more extensive than what it previously looked like. Statements say that this probably will not only affect the lawmaker’s house but will also affect the employees of the senate. The sergeant-at-arms alerted the staff about this breach via an email last Thursday obtained later by CNN.

The data breach in Capitol Hills is extensive and as per reports so far, it includes a lot of SSNs and other crucial data like the address information about the employees. This breach has swept clean of the health insurance plans, and more. The office’s sergeant-at-arms mentioned these in the email. The team of law enforcement provided the officer with a list of employees whose data were stolen. The sergeant has been busy since contacting these employees to help them protect themselves from any types of fraud.

Capitol Hill Breach More Extensive Than Thought Previously:

Plenty of the house members of the US and other staves have some of their personal information stolen n this breach. This has affected the health insurance services as per the reports so far. The new revelation that the staff of the senate may also have their data leaked will increase the pressure on the Capitol Hill.

The health link of the Capitol Hill has said that the investigation is going on and the team is working alongside the law enforcement team. It currently is not clear who was behind the whole façade. However, it raised concerns among the legislators that can become the victim of identity theft like other American citizens have faced in the last few years.