Moral Police Glenn Youngkin

glenn youngkin

In the Republic party, everyone is turning against everyone. Here Glenn Youngkin wants to play the part of moral police. Who is doing everything the right way? He is in no way interested to run for the presidency in 2024. He is focused on other things. Youngkin managed his place in the 2021 commonwealth. He is often compared to other GOP leaders.DeSantis would be running for the presidency against Donal Trump, unlike Youngkin.

Glenn Youngkin Is Playing At The Base Camp For Now

Glenn Youngkin focusing on the young now. He is all about doing all the necessary changes in the education system. Just like Nikki Haley focused on the future generations. There is always been a fight among GOP leaders regarding the education system. Not only for education but also for parents’ rights.

Glenn Youngkin now fighting over educational packages. Which often gets crashed by gender identity and parents. Glenn Youngking managed to keep his calm in any situation. Even in the recent town hall press conference. He was continuously faced with tense questions, but he managed them all.

He even didn’t throw any harsh words toward President Joe Biden and his works. Whereas other republicans would do anything to point out Biden’s mistake. Many believe he is too good for the race against Trump and DeSantis.

He has a strong belief against public schools that they are changing children into racists. The education system is biased in his eyes. Last year Glenn Youngkin signed the critical race theory. Now he is stating they are less important. Slavery has taken over the issue. Because of slavery, there was a civil war. Critical race theory has no place in the school curriculum whatsoever. That is not a course that should be taught. Rather that should be incorporated into the curriculum.