Ted Cruz & Andrew Cuomo Are Under Attack, Can’t Be Save By Trump

Andrew Cuomo
Andrew Cuomo

Senator Ted Cruz and Governor Andrew Cuomo have been under fire this week following their scandalous decisions of putting their political duties second. 

Senator Cruz flew to Cancun beach in Mexico with his family about a week ago. He planned this trip while his state, Texas, was buried under snow and freezing back at their homes. He gave a cliched reason for the step, saying he was being a “good dad.” Cruz returned one day after his flight, telling the media it was an obvious mistake to go on a vacation in such trying times. 

Gov. Andrew Cuomo came under outrageous fire in New York following reports of his lies related to the COVID-19 death reports. Cuomo’s office sent an inaccurate report, undermining nursing homes’ death rate due to the virus by 50%. A lawmaker also came forward with saying that the Governor vowed to destroy him. And the situation has since been under Justice Department’s investigation. 

Trump’s Silence Over Cruz & Cuomo’s Issues

Trump has managed to dominate the new-cycle for about 5 years now. But following his departure from the White House, he has been silent. And whether he will be able to save Cruz or Cuomo from this controversy is unknown. Because they are not the only ones left out. 

Several politicians under his control or protection have now been left open and surrounded with multiple controversies. Hence, a Trump-void is left open for the people. Several politicians have also gotten used to Trump’s trump-card— blame the liberals and not admit mistakes. 

With Biden, things seem different. A secretary of press resigned following a scene where he used sexist language. This lived up to Biden’s promise on inauguration day. 

But whether Cuomo and Cruz will pay for their mistakes remains uncertain.

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