Cardi B Is Quite Heartbroken Following Takeoff’s Demise

Cardi B
Cardi B

The outpouring on the death of Takeoff also has Cardi B as one of the people who were truly affected by this tragedy.

The 30-year-old singer put up quite an emotional post on Instagram on Friday, where she spoke about the pain that she and her husband Offset were experiencing- along with the latter’s fellow Migos member Quavo- after the Atlanta rap star was shot and killed in Houston on the 1st of November.

Cardi started off by stating that the untimely passing of the rapper did bring about a whole lot of pain and suffering to so many people. The impact that the rapper had on the music industry and his fans were also not negligible and they were struggling to deal with the tragedy. Nevertheless, she didn’t forget to mention that she was grateful for all the memories that they shared over the years. 

Cardi B Writes A Tearful Message On Takeoff’s Death

Cardi B has been routinely collaborating with Migos, along with being married to Takeoff’s cousin, Offset. Her husband also touched upon how Takeoff had been an integral part of their family. Cardi mentioned the emptiness that Takeoff’s death had caused while praying for strength for the whole family to overcome the tragedy. The singer then ended her post where she shared an Instagram DM exchange that she had with Takeoff prior to his death, where the rapper had told her that he loved her for life and forever. 

Cardi B also wrote about how much it pained her to look at the old pictures and videos of Migos together. She was also immensely hurt knowing that she wouldn’t be seeing them together- and all that would remain would be memories of the past. For those who are unaware, the rapper was killed outside a bowling alley in Houston which followed a private party with his uncle Quavo who was not injured in the drive-by shooting.