Carl Lentz Accused Of Emotional And Sexual Harassment By Former Nanny

Carl Lentz
Carl Lentz

One of the staff members of Hillsong, the Christian megachurch based in Australia, came out to accuse Carl Lentz on grounds of emotional as well as sexual abuse. The one to make the accusations was Leona Kimes. She had been recruited as a nanny for the family of the 42-year-old Carl Lentz, the celebrity pastor of the Hillsong church. The victim claimed about the accusation through an essay that she published over the platform of Medium Monday. The title of the essay was “Writing My Voice Back.”

Carl Lentz’s Side Of The Story

It is to be noted that Leona Kimes did not mention a proper name in the essay. She did not directly state the fact that Carl Lentz was her abuser. She only revealed it later to one of the news platforms called the “Religion News Service.” Kimes talked about her horrible experience while she was stuck in the midst of the family of the accused. It was stated that she was “trapped.” She also added that she was directed to not display her feelings and emotions concerning her experiences with Carl Lentz to anybody.  

On hearing the news, the legal representative of the accused immediately came forth to address the issue. The representative was also accompanied by the wife of the accused, Laura Lentz. Together they issued a statement that denied all the allegations. They retaliated by stating that the allegations were not true and that they were well equipped with evidence to prove their innocence. 

Kimes had been hired primarily to attend the children of Carl Lentz. Her job included running errands for the family as well as cleaning the house. She had been appointed to help out only the lead pastors. Kimes openly claimed that she was finally able to share her terrible experiences after having gone through therapy.