Stimulus Check Of 2000 USD Demanded By 2.3 Million Citizens

stimulus check
stimulus check

There had been an online petition with regard to the subject of stimulus checks in America in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. The purpose of the petition was to let the federal government know about the need for monthly checks of a total of 2000 USD. According to the results, about 2.3 million people have signed the petition.

Stimulus Check Update

The stimulus check petition kicked off in the year 2020. It was initiated by Stephanie Bonin, the owner of a Colorado restaurant. It was done in order to fight the economic struggles that followed the coronavirus-induced lockdown hampering a dozen of businesses across the country. Stephanie Bonnin also added along the way that the efforts of economic recovery had failed to reach most of the American citizens.  

The Colorado restaurant owner stated that so many people were caught in debts due to the loss incurred from the year 2020. It was mainly for basic utilities like child care and rent. And so this was why the stimulus checks needed to be distributed to those whose situation was far from being recovered. She further added that Congress took a total of nine months to arrange the second stimulus checks. 

Until the 1st of June, about 2.2254 million people have signed the stimulus check petition. And more is on the way. As far as the White House is concerned, the debate is on for the checks. However, neither the White House nor some Congressmen are being supportive towards another round of checks to be provided to the citizens. The first round was distributed in the month of March last year, the second round was distributed in December and the third round of checks was given away this year in March.