Magnus Carlsen Alleges Hans Niemann With Cheating

Hans Niemann
Hans Niemann

Magnus Carlsen, the current world titleholder, has broke his seclusion to charge Hans Niemann, of dishonesty, one week since shocking the chess community by quitting a match just after single move.

Hans Niemann has admitted to cheating as in past, nevertheless he says that since he was challenged and disciplined, he has now been following the rules.

However, Carlsen is not convinced of his statement. Magnus Carlsen said that he does not want to play with Hand Niemann. According to Carlsen’s twitter post, Hans Niemann has cheated more recently and more than the player actually admits in public.

The Bombshells From Carlsen Against Hans Niemann Has Rocked The Chess World This Previous Month:

The story that has been the buzz of the chessboard community since Carlsen unexpectedly resigned out from Sinquefield Cup in St. Louis on September 4 after losing to American Hans Niemann, is the latest twist in Carlsen’s outright allegation. There at time, Carlsen tweeted cryptically, leading many to infer he thought Hans Niemann had committed a crime.

Niemann said to an interviewer he had formerly cheated by utilising a gadget to discover the optimum actions as rumours abounded. But he insisted that the incidences only happened between the ages of 12 to 16. Hans Niemann insisted that ever since then, he has really not cheated.

After receiving a fresh ban from, Hans Niemann made such remarks. responded by claiming that it had delivered Niemann “extensive information” “that belies his allegations regarding the extent and intensity of his deception on” in reaction to his comments.

In light of this, past Monday’s rematch between Carlsen and Hans Niemann sparked a lot of curiosity. However, when Niemann completed his initial move with white, Carlsen only played one move as black before giving up.