Joe Biden’s Monumental Investments

joe biden

Joe Biden has thought of giving Nevada’s Avi Kwa Ame as the national monument designation. The upcoming is very crucial for him and for the state itself. A source who knows about the plan shared this. Making it official has always been on the table since 2021. The long-awaited goals are finally taking place in history. It is the largest area the president has picked during his presidency.

“Wide” Geographical Involvement Of Joe Biden

The conservation summit is being held by the department of the interior coming Tuesday. Joe Biden is looking forward to attending it. He has been committed since the beginning of his presidency to protect this area at any cost. This area in Nevada falls under ACEC – an area of critical environmental concern. Reducing public access to this place heavily affects the people leave in this area. Local people believe this part of Nevada perhaps not needed to be designated as a national monument.

They are against Biden’s ideology. They have every right to protest. They know their motherland the most. Biden previously promised to protect this at all costs. This is also considered one of those holy places. Fort Mojave is one of these sacred places.

Last November Joe Biden told that he will protect this place anyhow. This is something sacred to even America. Here many tribal stories formed and this is their home. Uprooting them would not be justified.

Some believe Joe Biden probably came under the pressure of native organizations and environmental groups.

They must have pursued Joe Biden to nod along. There is no0 need to make it a national monument. Mother nature will protect it. Just after the beginning of Joe Biden’s journey as the president of the united states, he restore all the places former president Trump destroyed. That includes restoring faith in their position.

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