Rachael Balkovec Remains Focused On Her Job: First Full-Time Manager Of Tampa Tarpons

Rachel Balkovec
Rachel Balkovec

She remains one of the few women who have been making breakthroughs all her career. Rachel Balkovec just came to be the first woman to manage the Tarpons and also the first to make it to that level.

Rachel Balkovec says that it was an honor to be ahead in one’s selected field. And along with it comes much that one does to desire. But she says that she walked into it knowing what to expect, and wasn’t one to turn away from it.

Rachel Balkovec says that it was important for her to have an idea of what she was getting into and what she could achieve. And she says that being able to achieve it for someone was a privilege and she is pleased to have succeeded.

Rachael Balkovec Has Always Been A Trend Setter In The Leagues

Rachel Balkovec has broken barriers repeatedly in the Major League. Back in 2019, Balkovec was elevated to the post of the Tarpons’ hitting instructor, a minor league side linked with the Yankees.

But there have been tough challenges on the way. She admits that she altered her name to ‘Ray’ as the name ‘Rachel’ wasn’t attracting any calls.

She says that she was desperate enough to land an interview. Rachel Balkovec says that she would have proved people wrong if just given a chance to convince them. For one so young, her resume was outstanding then.

Things changed in 2013 when Rachel Balkovec was called for an interview with the St. Louis Cardinals for the post of coordinator. The team was aware of her achievements from her period as an intern with the team and gave her the job of overseeing 200 athletes and 10 coaches.

Rachel Balkovec believes that her stint with the St. Louis Cardinals helped her across the MLB and gave her the much-required legitimacy. She says that it was 6 years into her career that she came across another woman in her field.

Rachel Balkovec’s long-term objective is to take over as a general manager at some stage in her career, and that will help her personally.